Skylark Learning English book designs

Skylark Learning wanted designs for a set of 12 pre-school books to teach English as a foreign language (also assisting the parents to learn English), plus a full set of supporting materials - parent guides, play cards, vocabulary guide etc.

The cover of the vocabulary book that accompanied the storybooks.
Covers of some of the 12 storybooks. Several different illustrators provided the illustrations; I designed the format and layout. Silhouette icons on the covers reinforced the theme of each book.
Some of the coloured/paterned 'wallpaper' designs, colour coded by language level and showing motifs from the different themes. These were used throughout the set of books and materials as a visual guide for the user.
The playcards were bordered by the 'wallpaper' designs, according to theme and level, and featured stock photos.
The playboard folded out to form a large activity mat.
The interior of the songbook, including some of the 'action' illustrations in context.
A selection of just a few of the 112 or so thumbnail drawings to illustrate the songs in the 'Songbook', drawn from reference photos of a model acting out all the poses/actions from the songs.
The covers of the three supporting parents' guide books.

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